Card Games: 3 Simple Games to Workshop

Not only do I tinker with videogames, but I spend most of my spare time designing tabletop board games.

Later this year I'm leading a workshop where I will be introducing people to Nomic card games: games where you can make it up as you go along, and/or add cards to them while you play. I developed three simple card games to illustrate how to combine different mechanics and game dynamics, as well as to argue that one can make a game about ANYTHING, using nothing more than a blank deck of cards.

If you've a spare moment, please review these rules (about a page and a half each), and share any notes you may have about them. I'm open to any constructive criticism. These games are targeted for the casual market, appropriate for all ages, and designed to be picked up and played in a matter of minutes.

MUSH-RING! Emphasizes draw-and-play, take-that, and set-building mechanics.

NUTS AND GRAINS Card drafting, open trade and negotiation, graduated scores, and secret agenda.

CROSSING GUARD XL! (XGXL!) Simultaneous bidding and secret agendas.

Thanks for your time, folks!