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Guess the name of every game in the 100-in-1 Pirate Kart! Neverending fun!

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Pirate Kart 2
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Hello. I'm Smedis2. I rarely ever do anything on this site anymore, because it's turned into pretentious twinefest 2013.

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Oh No, More MarMOTS!

Work continues!

When I last made a MarMOTS post, I was working on starting to make my scripting language do useful stuff. Well, it quickly became apparent that in order to make my scripting language do anything interesting, I had to have entities on the screen to refer to. So I've got project support working now, and am currently building an ANSI sprite animation editor! This is going to be the biggest and coolest addition to MarMOTS in almost two years. I'm hoping to get something out next week, but we'll see.

On the scripting front, I have written a simple VM for the scripts to run on, and verified that, yes, my scripts actually run and do what they're supposed to. One of the interesting features of my scripting language is that it is intended to be LIVE, all of the time. The idea is that you can edit a script that is in the middle of running and the program will actually continue to function correctly, incorporating your changes immediately. One way that I'm able to do this is by stealing the notion of failed calculations from an obscure language called Icon. (Actually, reading that now, I may want to steal more ideas from it :) Basically, if you're editing a script and have a logic bug or even a syntax error, no big deal -- it's just a failed calculation, it gets logged, and your program continues to run. No game-killing exceptions, ever. I believe that it's much better for a designer to be able to see a failure happen, and have as much information as possible about the actual problem as it occurs during play, than to be told "the computer can see this will never work! You aren't allowed to run this program."

I have ambitions.

Inverse Eurydice


In this game, you play a mourning mother wandering the spirit realm in search of her child. She has to bring him back, but he moves in vertical directions opposite to her own. I guess that makes it a bit like the old NES game Binary Land, except that the two characters have differing powers - the mother alone can hit switches, and the child alone can pass through walls.

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Look At My Dog

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From the creator of Hide The Hot Dog 2 comes the the most realistic look-at-a-dog simulator mankind will ever know.

Alex McAwesome
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my first flash cartoon made with stencyl

falling frame 4.png

this isn't a game, but it was made with stencyl, so maybe it sorta kinda counts? i've never made a cartoon, i wanted to try to do a little one. this is sorta close to what i intended. i don't know if i'll make more of these with stencyl, but i probably will make more cartoons. i probably won't put any more here because this is for games, i guess

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Anatidaephobia: The Game

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Finally! An excuse to upload this travesty! Well this is the full game of that duck part of Disaster. Don't let the ducks get away and don't let the ducks touch you. A trainwreck just wouldn't be a trainwreck without PW30.MID.

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