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I guess I should write something here. My name is Brad. I live in Sacramento. I have been lightly involved in game design (MUDs, specifically) for years, and now that it's relatively easy to make casual games, I will finally try. This contest seems like a great sounding board.

Games I like: Myst + Riven, Mario 3 + 64 + World, VVVVVV, Minecraft, Charles Barkley, Shut Up And Jam: Gaiden, Gameboy Tetris, Eversion, Megaman 2, NES Ninja Gaiden 1, Katamari Damacy, Daphaknee Needs To Poop, and Troubled Souls for the Mac.

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Spam filter sucks

I swear, you need to ditch this spam filter because time after time my posts have been falsely marked as spam.

It made three false detections in a row and now thinks I'm a spammer, thus I'm being blocked from posting new content.

You might as well ditch that bullshit.

True Detective Mysteries


i left it unfinished because i liked it better that way and also honestly because i was tired.

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Tunnel Game January 2017

tunnel game small.gif
Game File (Linux): 

'esc' to quit
'r' to restart
'wasd' to move
'space' to jump

I used Oculus Medium to sculpt the corridors and figure.
Meshlab was used to simplify the geometry and turn the vertex colors into a uv map.
The patterns are artifacts from experimentation with that process.
The tambourine is taken from Vet Trip's song "Finland"
I used Audacity to grab that.
The main song is "Many Rivers To Cross" performed by UB40
I also may have used MeshMixer at some point for geometry simplification.
Really I was just trying to figure out a good process for putting these tunnels I make in Medium into Unity.

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Game File: 

Whilst doing cool spy espionage stuff, your girlfriend calls you!
she says you have been neglecting her, and if you aren't
going to rock her world tonight, there won't be another chance!

trouble is the place you were spying on has a prototype lesbobot
programmed to solve your girlfriend's problems it sets off to
satisfy your girl! you must make it back first!

play online here: http://sophiehoulden.com/games/lesbianage/

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Press Z to Desk Deluxe


All the action of Press Z for Desk, but now with OVER 20 DIFFERENT NOISES! ISN'T THAT DELIGHTFUL??

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Disc Gunship Mini


This is a conflation of my previous games, Gravity Gunner and Disc Gunner. Apart from using a weapon from Super Crate Box, this is also inspired thematically by R-Type III and, to a lesser extent, They Came From Verminest.

Pilot the Disc Gunship, a ship armed with the most dangerous weapon in the light fighter arsenal - so dangerous that even you are at risk of death when you use it. But no other weapon can defeat the Green Pestilence so swiftly, so use it you must.

This is a "mini" version of Disc Gunship. The full version, I intend to include in the GDC 2012-in-One Kart. This is nonetheless intended to stand by itself, for those who might prefer a slightly more minimal version of the full game.

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That's all. Enjoy.

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Interview for a feature on "Bad Games"

Yeah, I know, "Bad Games" sounds a bit harsh.
However, a new German game mag with a focus on features, essays etc. (think "Kill Screen" with a Prussian touch) is about to launch early next year. To find some sort of common focus, a topic was chosen that all writers should address - and it's just this: "Bad Games".

So, basically, I had two ideas:
The first one that came imidiately to my mind: do an interview with the humble madman who created "The Last Eichhof" back in the day, a much beloved game that is also prominently featured on your site.

Secondly, I'd like to give that whole negative "bad game"-thing a more positive spin and talk about the love for those games - obviously, this site is the first place that came to my mind. (I know about it via Jesper Juul's discussion of "para-gaming", which is what this whole endeavour could be labelled, if you like your words in an accademic flavour.)

So, what I wanted to know is the following:
Are the people who created this place still active? If so, would they be willing to maybe give some thoughts about the topic?
Or is there somebody else who would like to talk about his/her love for those glorious trainwrecks?

It would be my pleasure.

Chris aka Oozo

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