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Dislexyc hidden object game


Find hidden objects! What is the catch?1. the objects are spelt tragically 2.the end is really disappointing

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Pirate Kart 2


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Wavyless is an arcade shooter in which your horizontal movement shrinks with time. To increase your moveable range you have to destroy enemies.

Christopher Johnson
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I'm trying to figure out if Lamers is ambitious enough to fit under our definition of a glorious trainwreck, or if it's sufficient for your game to be ridiculous.

Lamers, of course, is a parody of Lemmings in which little people wander around aimlessly, occasionally stacking blocks like Builder lemmings, and it is your job to kill them before they reach the goal. I've always found it strangely compelling despite the fact that it lasts all of ten minutes (which is merciful, since that's about as long as the joke stays funny). The final stage is a pretty good example of not letting yourself get caged in by your game mechanics, though.

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4th Years Glorious Trainwreckin' "Anniversary" Special Release For One Danni In The Form Of Chip is Chapped Leve

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I heard that coming up was the Four4th year Anniversary of membership, on our Shameful Trainful's Glorious Redemption web platform here, for fellow Danni! I decided a set of levels made in Chip's Challenge would be a fitting double tribute (both for their prolonged membership, and in commeration of Chippy the Chipper Beaver (CHIP In Peace!)).

Be prepared for the following information on the game, which I retrieved from myself at 8:04 pm under dire circumstances (a bit hungry).

This level set is intended for the TileWorld player program process, with the usual instructions attached: put the 'dac' file into the 'sets' folder and the 'dat' file into the 'dat'a folder! It's cake from there.

The game 'features'* four 'levels'** which are fully 'playable'***, even if you can not be able to complete them! Who knows what mystic secrets await to be unveiled to be able to progress to the next level if you find the current one of four two furstrating to be able to be completed, but it is known that to be able to start this process you must press the 'G' key on your keyboard, which is located between A and Z in the alphabet.

Level one / 4 features monsters that will never ever kill you, as well as many blocks. No tile is 'unturned' in this stunning process of linear movement! Hot tips: Go down once and up again to destroy your chances at surviving, but you can also trap one of those dang teeth in the cage it BELONGS in. 2) If you don't think you can use a tile, walk on it anyways. You NEVER know what will happen.... unless you look in the level editor, you naughty hacker!

Level 2 out of four teen features a tank-like maze enviroment, which is followed up by an even more challenging (!) maze-tank like enviroment! Some tips here: you never have to try to cross a tile a tank crosses until the second half is unlocked; there are multiple ways to get to the goal; and firstly, everything is reachable :)

Level 3 * 444 includes a wide open area, but with a challenge.... can YOU be hit by every fireball, and survive? (no). The secondary goal is to get to the exit... which requites ALL four keys!! Can you believe that? (yes). Spicy sauces: teriyaki sauce, chili salsa, this level is kind of a mess sorry about that but it should be amusing, garlic three chile jam, just take things slow and you should be ok, Taco Bell Taco Sauce.

Level $4 [full refund available]| presents you with an easy to reach exit... or is it??? In this fun filled adventure, you will visit many areas: Skater Park, Speed Lanes, Sinking Ground, Saucer Circle, teleporterS A plenty. the ultimate penultimate in level design!! Traders Inside Reccomend: buy low, sell high, stay inside your box to be destroyed, there are many secrets to be found by a full exploration of the upper bounds, capitalism is an inherently broken system that can not sustain itself for much longer.

Leveled 5: Doesn't Exist, same with any thing after this. :)

thanks for reading, and thanks twice (two times the thanks + the first thanks for reading = THREE THANKS! thranks) for playing my levels set.

* According to insider sources

** See above

*** Actually this word is true

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small and bouncing


I may have been too tired to be making games.

Converted to Flash and slightly improved over here: http://excitemike.com/Small_and_Bouncing

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Super Dig Site Madness


Get to the goal flag at the end of each level!

Arrows: Move
X: Jump
Z/Y: Dig

Jump up to destroy blocks!

4 levels of puzzle platforming! Could use more!

John D. Moore
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An event
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Knytt Stories Collabowreck oh yeahhhh

Remember the last time we collaborated on a single Knytt Stories level? How about now? It was pretty awesome, right? Yeah, I thought so too.

Well, Knytt Underground is supposed to come out before the end of the year, which signals the end of an era - an era where Knytt Stories was the only game, ever. I figure that we need to send it out in style with ANOTHER BADASS COLLABORATION from the Trainwrecks club. It'll be like an Irish funeral, where instead of getting all sad about death, we all get drunk and write insane poetry that doesn't make any sense.

Yes I am stereotyping no I don't care.

So, who's down for this? I'm thinking we can do it the first week of December so it doesn't interfere with Thanksgiving, but I'm up for suggestions.


Consider enslaved Wrangler adult females overshoes

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Games made for Consider enslaved Wrangler adult females overshoes

Seizure Jumper

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use spacebar to jump over the blocks to increase your score. do not play if you suffer from epileptic fits - lots of flashing colors and randomness. windows only, sorry :(

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An event
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