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an event

Tue, Jan 22 2013 07:44 PM
01/22/2013 - 19:44
01/23/2013 - 19:44

this is an event.


go to that link to submit a game.

Games made for an event

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Game File (Linux): 
Game File: 

so I spent the first hour of Klik of the Month Klub looking at weird VRML worlds in DigitalSpace Traveler

then I fucked around making cubes in unity

mission accomplished?

(arrow keys to move. you win when you have derived the maximum amount of joy from aimlessly gliding among the cubes.)

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An event
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the abandoned sandal

Game File: 

A flickgame adaptation of The Abandoned Sandal. Apologies to terrytheplatypus for the numerous scenes omitted due to space constraints (but hopefully you're down with me making this in the first place).

I used hugs' mod to dither a few of the later frames (but the first two frames were hand-dithered, horrifyingly enough). I also experimented with an alternative colour palette, but ultimately decided against this. When I put forward the idea to fellow flickgamer Matthew Gatland, he suggested it might not be a flickgame any more if I changed the palette, which concerned me more than it should have.

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An event
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Stayin' Alive

Stayin' Alive screenshot.PNG
Game File: 

Don't die. You have 3 lives and a stock of bombs. Bullets come at you from all directions.
Try to let the screen fill with as many bullets as possible and then press the bomb button for mega points. You get bombs back every now and then, -- maximum of 3 -- so don't get _too_ greedy!

Arrow keys - move
Z - hold this to move half speed
X - drop the bomb and cash in the bullets for beaucoup points

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Pirate Kart 2
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Cute Space

Game File: 

Welcome to cute space, which teaches you that:
a) space is huge
b) everything in space is cute

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An event
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Made for #OneGameAMonth - April 2013.

An attempt to see what Robotron would be like if the gameplay feature that made it famous went missing - namely, being able to control where you shoot.

(Not to be confused with Voxatron.)


Movement - Arrow Keys
Shooting - Malevolent A.I.

(You can also press Delete to skip a level if the game is driving you up a wall, either figuratively or literally. Actually, if you are literally driving up a wall then you should stop "gaming and driving".)

(Note that pressing Delete will disqualify you from unironic endgame celebration.)

To go fullscreen, pretend that there's a quicktime event for the F key all of a sudden. You know, like the bad new days of AAA gaming!


Dattorz (@gt_effbee)
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An event
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Hecka bullets

Screen shot 2012-03-06 at 1.39.21 PM.png

a cover of "lets get this over with" by richard perrin, from the last pirate kart.

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An event
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Lemmings Death Ball


Upside-down breakout crossed with Lemmings. Don't let the Lemmings escape! Make them fall to their death, crush them under a giant metal ball, and make them explode! Featuring three mostly-untested levels.

Game made for the Kickstarter reward game idea "Lemmings, only if there are survivors at the end of the course, you lose"

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An event
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Game Preview: Captain Teen IN: Search For The Fountain Of Youth (It Is Made Of Mountain Dew)


Responsible Adults have finally gained control of the Earth Command Central after the recent Great Delinquent Uprising of '85, but are still cleaning up the structural damage caused by thousands of cans of sprayable cheese. Every day law-abiding Adults must be still cautious for roaming mystic graffiti runes- last week Prime Super Ruler Tom was sucked into a swirlie vortex, and has not been seen since! Thankfully their born-40-years-old child Bom has taken over the role of Prime Super Ruler. Most is well and content in these days, however, as the Teen Scourge (really, just a tad annoying usually, but whatever) has been eradicated once and for all... or has it?

[It actually hasn't, which is the main conflict in Captain Teen: Searching For The Superfluous Gusher Of Youngin'. Sorry for ruining any suspense there. EDIT: Also I just found out that 'superfluous' does not refer to a powerful flow of water, sorry again for the mistake.]

According to RRRRR (Recent RadaR RepoRts), Hangout Zones around the big city (during the industrial revolution, 45-56 ATA, the entire planet became covered by a single totally connected city) have been subtly invaded, on sound-dampening skateboards, by Wild Delinquents! It was previously believed that none could cross the slurpee minefield surrounding all entrances between the city and the shopping malls, the locked in home of all reckless teens, but the RRRRR don't lie...

Only in such dire circumstances, as teens asexually clone themselves in a matter of minutes, after their diet of horror movies and nachos, and could quickly fill up the Hangout Zones and start spilling over into areas that public gives a flip about, Prime Super Ruler Hom (Bom just got caught by a wedgie booby trap, as is being rushed to the hospital) calls up their last resort... well actually their first resort, since they don't have any other things to resort too.... CAPTAIN TEEN!

Born -8 ATA, Captain Teen (AKA The Teen Of Captain, previous name redacted) was, for the start of their life, just like any average teen. Listening to annoying music parents are unable to comprehend, trashing the Trash Factory, crossing the wrong side of the hover-rail tracks, and so on. However, on the outbreak of the Teen Apocalypse, something amazing happened. They, at the exact second of the first spitball fired, tried to drink coca-cola, pepsi, dr. pepper AND liquified cheetos at once from four seperate cans, with four seperate straws! Coincidentally, at the same nanosecond they were hit with a cosmic ray that had bounced off of the Moon, originated from the planet X492-F293!

None of this actually did anything, but it was interesting. Twelve years later, the future Captain Teen fell into a wormhole while surfing some solar waves, and fending off some totally lame galactic police/fun suckers! What came out, however, was no longer a 19 year old who refused to like, grow up and stuff, but the polar opposite: a 20 year old who gave up trying to fight the inevitability of working behind a desk for the rest of their life!

This strange being, rare in 12 ATA after the destruction of Office Depot, and consequently all useless paper jobs, was instantly a rallying figure for all Responsible Adults (previously they had tried to join over things such as Scrabble and tea). Captain Teen, as they soon became named for their ability to still blend in inconspicuously with hip teens, was a powerful figure in stopwalling the constant fighting. By 20 ATA, almost all teens were forced into staying in super malls, where the automatic food and diaper machines kept them content. Due to their amazing abilities, Captain Teen has been cryogenically frozen, and revived when needed, over the past decades. And now... they are needed again!

*RING RING* goes the Teen Alert Phone next to Captain Teen's sleeping chamber. It activates the wake up process, and within an hour (after Captain Teen says "just 5 more minutes" a couple dozen times), they finally answer the annoying machine.

"Captain! We need! You!"

"What is going on, Gom?"

"Teens invading! Hangout zones! Flooded with candy wrappers! Help!"

"What do you want me to do?"

"Convert! The entitled pricks! Into upstanding! Citizens!"

"Easy enough... Why are you shouting so much, anyhow?"

"I caught! An! Annoying exclaming! Grafitti rune! In my throat!"

"Okay, whatever. I'm on my way out to the happenin' Teen Zones."

"Over and! Out!"

Captain Teen left the room, taking the most recently updated Guide To Teen Symbols with them as well as some horribly cold coffee. As they flipped through the pages, they realized how out of date information on teen language was. The current Guide was published in '83, two years before the last uprising! Captain Teen realizes they will have to quickly brush up on their skills with some newly created teens before attempting to go after the leaders.


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