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Moonlit Corpse

Wed, Apr 30 2014 08:00 PM
05/01/2014 - 13:00
06/01/2014 - 00:00


I am organising a game of exquisite corpse, using the Sword of Moonlight tool.

Sword of Moonlight is a nice piece of software by From, and it used to make King's Field style games. Making maps is simple enough, and everyone is welcome, no matter their familiarity with the software or the King's Field series. Here is an example of the first thing I made in it, it took a few minutes.

The actual duration of the event is 'as long as it takes'.

There are no rules regarding how much a person has to contribute.

I think the basic process is:

  1. Finalise list of participants.
  2. Decide on order the project will be passed round in.
  3. Make a chart to determine how the separate maps will link together, and whose map will link to whose.
  4. Pass around project folder, each participant adding their map and events (etc.), and link their map to whichever is required.
  5. Make some tea.
  6. Distribute, and play.

I will be using E-mail to do a lot of the organisation and co-ordination (though will mirror things here), as not everyone participating is a GT member. So if you want to pass your address along to my gmail: rylie.james.thomas do that!
I've also made this cool website to host it: http://moonlitcorpse.neocities.org/

Games made for Moonlit Corpse

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Cyberpope Vs. Broderick

Game File: 

Its mostly complete, needs score counters and maybe a reset button but otherwise is perfect. Press F1 for the backstory and controls. Email this webzone if you want a pizza roll.

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An event

I Have Many Spiders, and I Must Pick My Nose

Game File: 

Somebody asked for an obnoxiously hard nose-picking game with racecar movement in the spreadsheet. No idea if this is what they had in mind. Probably not.

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An event

Mario Power Paintbrush


Walk to Toadstool's elegant charity ball while collecting as many sparkling coins as possible.

* Left click - extend the road.
* Space - run.

This game is more fun if you draw plenty of loops.

Inspired by that Kirby game for the DS, and possibly those other line riding games.

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An event
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MUHAMMAD The verwourren worlds


Muhammad is on a quest to save his nine brothers from the evil snake lord.
He is evil.
Oh no.
250 awesome levels.
HD shiny graphics.
Ear-smashing music.
Very funny gameplay.

"This is the BEST game I´ve ever played. It´s so awesome that everybody explodes." Veryrealratingmag
"2943 donuts out of 10" Stupid guy who can´t count

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An event
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Game File: 

at last, a first-person shooter that portrays women characters REALISTICALLY!
this game was designed by men's rights forum "men going their own way" poster xtc. i just implemented his vision.
featuring the voice of my favorite dumb bitch.

anna anthropy
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An event
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In Response to PIGScene


Recently Arthur "Podunkian" Lee posted some vitriol against your friend and mine, Terry Cavanagh. http://www.pigscene.com/?p=462

He made an assholish parody game of V^6, so naturally I made a game in response. Shit got serious. (Has a few in-jokes for the TIG's crowd.)

EDIT: You know I love you, right?

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Updates during my vacation

Hello, DrBlowhole20 there. I am also named as John Leagsdurg.

I have updates during summer:

I got Multimedia Fusion 2 back and my LIBS i got (even the europress ones.), i'm making a game named "The Super Mozart Adventure" which it's a fanmade spinoff of the Mozart series by Zecks, which are my favourite (Mozart goes into internet, Mozart II: Internet Harder OR Mozart no internet 2: Doukutsu Monogatari, Mozart go Intranet 3: Hell no Nazo, Mozart's World 4: 4heroesoflight and I Love Mozart 5: Mozart Thru Time), it's going to be a long game which includes badly made levels, minigames which follows the adventure and such random bosses, there will be no demo but here's a screenshot of the preview, look at the attachments. But seriously, Klik n Play in the 90's were made several games with some custom graphics, but today Clickteam is being 200% better than Yoyo Games and Klik n Play today is a cool tool. And i also made a website about my Trainwrecks: https://sites.google.com/site/johnskliksite/

Well that's it for now.

See ya.

Preview screenshot of the game50.87 KB
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Game File: 


Marek Kapolka
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An event
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