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It has a theme song now.

I'm starting to quite enjoy this.

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TGF2 for Newgrounds

Go fetch!

It's a free version of The Games Factory 2, the rub being that it only exports .swf files to Newgrounds.

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The World is a Big Place

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Y'all make FlickGame look cool, so I wanted to try it out.

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Murder Thousands of Bees With a Giant Robot Mech

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A game idea I had when I was 12 but didn't get to make a reality until today.

You are a giant robot mech. Your job is to disturb bee hives in order to kill thousands of bees. You do this by flailing your giant head with wild abandon. It's a SEA OF BEES!! TIDAL WAAAAVE!

Hold Space and the Left or Right Arrow Key to cause mass destruction. Note that for technical reasons you will not be able to murder more than close to ten thousand bees. But box2d will probably crash before that happens anyway.

"BZZT!" voice by SpindleyQ. Music by Torley.

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anna anthropy was born on february 28th. twenty-seven years later TO THE DAY, the klik & play pirate kart 2 commenced. coincidence? or something more?

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Pirate Kart 2

Tri Soup Shmup - Pirate Kart Edition


An abstract shmup i originally made for a LD48 , but added 24h more into it and overhauled a bunch of gameplay. Most of the time was spent on working out the gameplay and pacing.

Eventually a single hit from an evil red triangle will kill you (they do more damage the longer the game plays), so stockpiling energy early on and good timing of 'Time Slow' and 'Teleport' will keep you alive longer as well as boost the score multiplier.

Instructions are onscreen.
Love it? Hate it? Help me make it better and tell me about what you like and dont like about it.



Christina Coffin
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Wall Jump Time Sphincter (episode 2)


Further adventures in the awe-inspiring Wall Jump Time Sphincter epic saga.

Play the first two episodes here and here.

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Keys to the Asian Market


A Knytt Stories level based on the title of a GDC talk by Dennis Ryan of Popcap Games, as requested via Kickstarter.

Features music by Shnabubula! Yeah, woo.

Sergio Cornaga
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