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Place blocks using the left mouse button, remove blocks with the right mouse button or with the control button.

Native version for Windows and Mac:
http://wolfos.org/resources/Epic/native.zip (16MB)
Recommended so you can use the right mouse button and the cursor will be properly locked on the screen.
Go and build stuff!

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SSSnake (Tainted)

SSSnake (Tainted)ss.png

When you eat a pill you taint the pill making it deadly

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Dawkins's Inferno

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Each fish has a tiny chance of developing a mutation that will make it taste bad to the red fish.
Reproduce and let nature select the fitter fish!
Do your part to help your species evolve!

May take a long time. Or not. Due to randomness.

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Pirate Kart 2
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Do we have to obey copyright laws, or are we allowed to use copyright mp3s and graphics (all in good fun of course)

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Explaining my very LONG absence and how I will try to make up for it.

Well, it seems like I don't visit this website that often as it turns out. I have been doing a lot of stuff, but one thing that I don't do at all is developing the games. But, seeing that my first creation in MMF2, which is Bubsy in Yoshi's Island hasn't got a lot of attention from dear members in this website, which then raises the question do I even bother to create games if I don't receive any feedback? Couple of comments doesn't sound a lot for couple of games that I submitted here for everyone's pleasure, but I have other (un)finished games for store if anyone is interested.

But, as if I haven't told just yet, I have series called "James the Ball's Great Adventures", which follows red ball named James through wacky adventures in his quest to save the day. I have first game ready to be published, but I still need to make few adjustments here and there before I'll release it to the wild. I also had second game under production, but sadly it stalled to the final boss, but seeing that I hadn't too much stuff remaining to be made for second game, I would probably finish it in near future for everyone around here if they are interested.

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long time no see, linhat

Screenshot 2016-03-22 01-28-03.png

ive been away but im here again for a while hello world

well, im ok mostly, im still alive and getting through life. my external hard drive which originally had KNP and all my source files on there died early last year and as such i no longer after any of my leftover projects or any games which never got to be released whoops i done fucked the pooch on that one huh

luckily i backed up the last iteration of the game that me and mno are working on,,,,we're resuming progress on it slowly, working out little intricate details about the game. it'll be here soon, we promise.

in the meanwhile enjoy this klikart i created just now, it may become the title screen to something.


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stuff this fat face

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when the food hits critical mass is hwen you are really going to see some shit

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Sunday Balloon Trip

I was unhappy about not being able to finish Sunday Balloon Trip in the two hours I had so I am going to expand on it until it is finished. Yes, this will be a game I will actually finish making! Or not, let's not jinx it now.

Here is a screenshot of what I did over the past hour. As you can see a lot has changed with the graphics, the old house has been changed into a Balloon Research Facility for instance. What's not in there are the features I have planned like clouds, wind currents that blow you along and little things in the background that fly past you on your peaceful ballooning trip. Oh damn, I am making it more ambitious when I told myself I wouldn't.

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Hot Clavicle


Hot Clavicle is about rolling through a city as a giant, flaming clavicle bone, setting fire to cottages and Yellow Joggers that inexplicably fall from the sky and then watching said Yellow Joggers fly across the map like they're wearing malfunctioning jetpacks.

Man I don't even know. Based off a spambot post.

Music by Torley.

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Candy Planet

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regular candy planet.

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