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Wed, 4 December 2019
(comment)20:47gamePotluck Party Panic!DanniI enjoy the food magnetism
(diff) (hist)15:41gamestanley melberg: accursed accountantsergiocornagaUpdated link
(diff) (hist)15:39gamePixel Perfect GaidensergiocornagaUpdated link
(diff) (hist)15:38gameEliza Edith Escapes ExpirationsergiocornagaUpdated link
(diff) (hist)15:35gameflickbaitsergiocornagaUpdated link
(comment)15:06gameCollaboration 2019: Mr. A & Let-Off StudiossergiocornagaReally wonderful
(comment)10:04eventSekret Santa 2019: Ho ho ho!PetraThat's a good idea, I was
(diff) (hist)05:57gamemoved Collaboration 2019: Mr. A & Let-Off Studioslet-off-studios
(diff) (hist)05:56gamenew Collaboration: Mr. A & Let-Off Studioslet-off-studios
Tue, 3 December 2019
(diff) (hist)20:15forumnew Community-Driven ModerationSpindleyQ
(comment)07:09eventSekret Santa 2019: Ho ho ho!AlchigginsDear Santa,I don't care
(comment)05:07eventWOO WOO WOO Let's Make Webpages ! ! !Blueberry Soft(I'm still working on one
(comment)05:06eventSekret Santa 2019: Ho ho ho!let-off-studiosKeep Extras Here
Mon, 2 December 2019
(comment)06:49gameBeing in a Wounded WorldclydeVisual Novel Maker
(comment)05:04gameFlickGame: Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich Construction KitPetraMy knowledge on foods
(comment)04:18gameomfg welcome to my homepagesergiocornagaI drew a "hi!" there before
(comment)01:28gameNeuro Root SacralBlueberry SoftThis is ace!
(comment)01:20gameomfg welcome to my homepageBlueberry SoftOh damn, that sounds amazing!
(comment)00:51gameBeing in a Wounded WorldBlueberry SoftGood so far! I love that
Sun, 1 December 2019
(comment)23:50gameomfg welcome to my homepageblixtThank you! I'm just glad
(comment)23:44gameomfg welcome to my homepageblixtThank you! This was a lot of
(comment)23:44gameBeing in a Wounded WorldAlraunecat pictures are always great
(comment)23:41gameomfg welcome to my homepageblixtThank you! You know, it's
(comment)23:39gameomfg welcome to my homepageblixtThank you for taking a look!
(comment)23:38gameomfg welcome to my homepageblixtThank you, I'm actually
(comment)23:35gameomfg welcome to my homepageblixtWow, I'm so disappointed, it
(comment)20:47eventWOO WOO WOO Let's Make Webpages ! ! !sergiocornagaWindows-only I think!
(comment)20:29gameBeing in a Wounded WorldCapt_hastings-C...Theme
(comment)20:24gameWOO WOO WOO HomepageBlueberry SoftYeah, I hope to keep going
(comment)20:23gameomfg welcome to my homepageBlueberry SoftDTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional
(comment)20:22gameNeuro Root SacralCapt_hastings-C...Environmental storytelling
(comment)20:20gameomfg welcome to my homepageBlueberry SoftGuestbook's broken though :(
(comment)20:19gameomfg welcome to my homepageBlueberry SoftThis is a very power-ful
(comment)20:01gameomfg welcome to my homepageclydeThanks for sharing.
(comment)19:52gameNeuro Root SacralclydeI also enjoy the imagery.
(diff) (hist)19:45gamenew Being in a Wounded Worldclyde
(comment)16:55eventWOO WOO WOO Let's Make Webpages ! ! !mnoI'm probably not gonna have
(comment)14:24eventSekret Santa 2019: Ho ho ho!akairWoho! Finally, best part of
(comment)10:56gameomfg welcome to my homepagelet-off-studiosYes, Yes, Yes!
(comment)10:54eventWOO WOO WOO Let's Make Webpages ! ! !clydeI have an index.html I need
(comment)07:16eventWOO WOO WOO Let's Make Webpages ! ! !Capt_hastings-C...?
(comment)07:14gameAll Snake EverythingCapt_hastings-C...Thank you. I think it's
(comment)07:13gameAll Snake EverythingCapt_hastings-C...Thank you. Website building
(comment)07:12gameAll Snake EverythingCapt_hastings-C...I stole it from jayz (who
(comment)07:06gameomfg welcome to my homepageCapt_hastings-C...Omfg
(comment)05:26eventSekret Santa 2019: Ho ho ho!TheCakeFlavorthings game should
(comment)01:56eventWOO WOO WOO Let's Make Webpages ! ! !sergiocornagaI'm not sure if I will
(comment)01:56eventSekret Santa 2019: Ho ho ho!hellojedDeer Santa
(comment)01:53gameNeuro Root SacralsergiocornagaThe imagery is incredibly
(comment)01:49gameWOO WOO WOO HomepagesergiocornagaThe background pattern is a
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