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hello there! And welcome to my home page! This is ust a little place to visit. Please bookmark now! (Ctrl-D)

I heard that they are going to shut down geocities!! Here is what I have to say about that:


that's a FROWNY FACE

so back in 2007 i started realy getting intoa program called KLICK AND PLAY! It is a lot of fun!! Don't email me asking where to download it, he he he he :) (that's a smiley fac!)

anyway, with KLIK AND PLAY, you can make VIDEOGAMES! Its SO COOOOOOOOL. I made a game! Please download it!


"If you do not hear MIDI music, get Crescendo! Plugin for Netscape or the ActiveX version for Microsoft InternetExplorer" <BGSOUND src="xfiles.mid">

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