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Atomic Blast, a salvaged Game Maker game


Oh shit, I never posted about this one. I began Atomic Blast several months ago, while scoping out Game Maker 7. After a couple of goddamn weird error messages, and some icky stories about the registration DRM, I gave up on purchasing the full version.

This began as a ripoff of Destructivator, a twitchy arcade-style game I really like. Cloning got boring though, so I switched gears. The final game has a few tricky sections, but it's pretty laid back in comparison. Many more screens were planned, but it felt like I had already done everything I wanted to in the first twelve. I spent this evening tying up some loose ends, and well, here it is. Now, onto other things (JOHR).

edit #3: Ack, fixed more errors. Reuploading as ZIP, deleting the previous versions.

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