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Cursed Gallery - Last Area


A proposal for the last area in the Cursed Gallery KS collab level. It's about 38 screens long at this time (not counting duplicate rooms).

* The current segment ends at x1036y1005.

* x1027y1006 can only be accessed with the Eye and either the Double Jump (currently not placed anywhere) or the high jump. This room could be used as a secret or easter egg. x1034y1011 (requires the Double Jump) can also be used for a similar purpose.

Feel free to contribute in any way, either by posting a comment here (I'll try to update the first post with any links/attachments) or by importing this into the full level and editing it there (screens don't need to be relocated and there aren't any new COs, so it should be fairly simple to compile). Also, any feedback will be appreciated.

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