Global Game Jam 2018

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Matthew's Dungeons of the Unforgotten


A tribute to Moraff's Dungeons of the Unforgiven made during Global Game Jam 2018.

You can listen to the soundtrack here!

Matthew Gatland, Sergio Cornaga & Chimeratio
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Slot Car: Racing Revelations


A game I made for Global Game Jam 2018 in about 36 hours, as a one-person "team." The theme was "transmission."

This is a retro-styled, score-attack arcade game where interesting scoring mechanics are hidden behind a simply-controlled slot car racing game. Each round you race, you score as many points as possible. Between races, you choose one of five different areas of innovation to improve:
- INFECT: spread a killer zombie virus
- ENTERTAIN: broadcast your car races on the Internet
- TRANSCEND: discover the hidden meaning behind your "car" "race"
- TINKER: improve your track and your car, and even invest in an AI opponent to race against
- PLAY: just be a kid...!

Each Innovation improves your score in certain ways, though they may not immediately be obvious. Try for a high score!

Most of the art assets were from Clickteam (I made this with CT Fusion) but I made the rest. Special fonts were found at Dafont ( . Sounds were made with BFXR ( Background music from Play on Loop (

I'll periodically be updating this file, as I could only do so much bug-squashing during the game jam. It's mostly feature-complete. If you find any issues or thing something's broken, please share it here.

Thanks, and enjoy!!!

(NOTE: game is downloaded from a Dropbox link)

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