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noontooth - les dents du midi FOR QUASIOTTER


Learn the art of harmonic climbing!

Briefly meet a few cuties!

Win the biggest bag of milk in the world!

quasiotter's Sekrit Santa Wish List:
An input dedicated to [a normal human action] that doesn't affect gameplay at all
press C while climbing to cough!
A demake of the first level of your third favourite game, but no-one would actually know it's referencing that game unless you told them
songs feature from my favorite games, although it isn't subtle
Hidden quote from Helen Keller (it can't be the main objective, it's a SECRET! SHHHHHH!)
Secret level had to be cut in the interest of time
Imprecise photogrammetry* for 3.5 objects (*photo textures on a mesh)
No meshes, but many photo textures
Sensory overload that will definitely not crash the game on any computer
Gameplay is restricted to 1 dimension (i.e. can move along the Z-axis only), though the world can be 2D or 3D
The only direction you move in this game is up the mountain.
Someone under 10 or over 60 is the director and/or level designer and/or environment artist and/or foley artist for this
The largest bag of milk in the world. I'm not kidding
It's big.
The skybox subtly reminds you of your dad, without actually looking like him (alt: a friend with really great teeth)
This was made in the level editor of a game you wish more people would play (if it's not a free game, or if it's on a console, make it an auto level [completed without any input] and record it to video please, but if it's the video then it would be funny if you used a bad camera to record the screen and you have to run an executable to see the video instead of posting it to a video hosting site lol)
You need to get this off your chest, so just dump it in this game
Some emotions conveyed in this game are mine.
You never thought you would make a game this tiny
Actually it's pretty big, but the window is only 800x600
You really just wanted to make some characters that you would date if they were real
All characters were designed with maximum datability in mind.

Download the windows one if you're running windows, or the python one if you have python installed.

Read the readme for more information, or contact me on discord at TheCakeFlavor#4666.

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Monster Truck Power Fantasy (for Stranger)


Merry Klikmas, Stranger! I only had the past week to work on this, so I wasn't able to meet the entire prompt. What I have been able to provide is a very large monster truck and large things for it to run over, as well as some sharp things for it to avoid, and a monster truck-themed song.

Windows only. Extract the .zip, yadda yadda, game itself should be self-explanatory. Hope ya like it!

EDIT: Just replaced this with an updated version - bug fixes, difficulty tweaks (more forgiving and fair overall), and some graphical improvements (truck shaking, building variety)

EDIT 2: Updated the game again, fixed a bug and added subtitle support

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Dongers MINI- Harmonium- for mkapolk!


Merry kliksmas and I hope you jump into the new year well and enjoy the game, mr. mkapolk!
Enjoy Harmonium, one of the most classic magical instruments from the places of Dreamworld!
Sadly, the game doesn't support sound recording but you can always use an external sound recording program. I recommend Audacity!

I would also like to thank all the friends that helped with development and to carry out this project! - Dany Burton, beanstalk, Brutalmoon, InfernalBeast and Old Man Razal from Dreamworld!

for more magical products:
come by sometime! ;)

Have fun!

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three short nights in sin city



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Dongers (The Ultimate Dreamworld Mixing Simulator)


The Ultimate DJ Mixing Simulator of the Dreamworlds!
Special help from the incredible INFERNALBEAST (aka Unknown).

For more games go to:

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A musical game focused on composing the most beautiful and natural sounding music known to man: Cacophony, Pure Chaos.

Up / Down: Change sound
Space : Make Sound
Made as part of Global Game Jam 2017

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daft mou5


A realistic DJ simulator, made for FORTUNEPALACE for Kilkmas 2016

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EyE Contact


controls: arrow keys

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I learned how to make ragdolls, and this is the coolest experiment I made from it

the little robots DANCE to the music! and by that i mean i just add velocity to limbs depending on how loud the music is. still pretty cool though, i think.

push the speakers off the world to turn off the music and be a party pooper

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