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1hgj - Speedy Car


This is SPEEDY CAR, made for the One Hour Game Jam #165. The theme was One Object. The first thing that came to mind was a racing car, so I decided to follow that inspiration. I did this in less than an hour.

The object is to earn points by staying on the track and moving as fast as possible. If you go off the screen, the game is over. It's kind of dexterity, endurance, and push-your-luck combined into a retro-farty package. It was a fun experiment.

UP ARROW: Accelerate. The more laps you complete, the faster you can go.
LEFT/RIGHT ARROW: Steer your car.

You cannot go in reverse. Do your best to make a high score. My personal best is somewhere round 3,300. Go for it!

All graphics by me (except the explosion, which was made by Clickteam), and coding was by me in Clickteam Fusion Dev. Background music by Play On Loop and found at the website. Beeping sound made by me in bfxr.


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