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PG Jam - Star Kid


STAR KID, a game I made for the PG Jam in about six hours.

You're Star Kid, and you're looking for space candies! Use your controller or the keyboard to play. Use the ARROW KEYS to move, and press the Z KEY to launch starbursts. As you collect the Green Candies, powerups become available. Activate them by pressing the X KEY. Go for a high score!

There are six different power-ups in the game... Have you seen them all?

  • PROTECTO-SHIELD: Stop a couple enemy projectiles and crates from damaging Star Kid.
  • TRIPLE-SHOT: Launch 3 Star Shots at once for a time, instead of just 1.
  • REPAIR BOOST: If injured, this restores Star Kid to full health!
  • STARSHOT SALVO: Provides a small score boost and a wave of Star Shots that fly from the bottom to the top of the screen. Any that make it to the top edge turn into candies.
  • RAINBOW MODE: Ridiculously-coloured and distracting visuals, but provides a great score bonus while it's in effect!
  • SCORE BONUS: Nothing special... Unless you'd like a 2,000 point bonus!


The PG Jam was hosted on in late November. The theme was that all games entered would be family-friendly. I was thinking of my nephews (who are both gonna be 6 years old) while making this, and I figured they would like the visuals. More mature/experienced players will enjoy the powerup mechanics, skill shots, and the various ways to maximize their score.

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