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filequest for mno

filequest for mno cover.jpg

game is within 'game' folder
start from folder '1 (start here)' and see if you can make it to the end
i don't recommend looking at credits until you're done, it's not explicitly spoilery, it will just ruin any surprises
of course the hints.txt is there in case you need it
i'm not great with puzzles so idk how easy or obtuse this will be

thanks to drambique for asking if i was participating this year lol
wasn't planning to because teaching sucks all of my creative energy up!! i love teaching but omg it's so much work lol
danni's game for me is so good it helped me realize i don't want to do anything outside of my abilities i just want to do something different in form

also of course thanks mno for the awesome list i love making happy stuff!!!

enjoy? lol

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