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BINKY XIII: The Fourth Dimension


The thirteenth in the award winning BINKY Series.

The fans had a rumor that "BINKY would get stuck somewhere again..." posted by SodaBob32015, but did they expect it to be... the FOURTH DIMENSION?

New Exciting Interview:

Developer 1: The third dimension wasn't enough, wasn't enough!
Developer 2: We checked out a lot of books on geometry on the library, but it seems that BINKY had already gotten stuck for us!
Developer 1: It was very kind of our funny dinosaur friend.
Developer 3: Is BINKY a dinosaur? Maybe they are a kangaroo?
[Everyone laughs]

Q and A:

Q: Where is BINKY XII?
A: It is on my computer!

Q: [BUBBO I spoilers] V gubhtug UREEL gur pureel jnf rivy abj?
A: I don't know what you are saying!


WASD,Arrow Keys - Movement


Tesseract by Jason Hise at English Wikipedia https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Tesseract.gif
Tiles from Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup https://github.com/crawl/tiles
Herry the Cherry from DR. HELLO, modified.
Characters from Feng Shen Bang (Famicom), modified.


JAZZY1.MID from The Games Factory

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