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Cincinnati Pole Game


Cincinnati Pole Game Directions:

Welcome to the Cincinnati Pole Game!
This game exists within a larger simulated space, so I am providing you with directions on how to get to the Cincinnati Pole Game where you can start pole-climbing! Does that sound good?

When you start in the lobby, look for the green door. Go through that green door. Don't be concerned when you begin to fall, just enjoy the sights!
You will eventually fall into an area where there is a pink side and a green side. On the pink side of the area, there is a white train-station. There is only one train that comes there and it is the one you want to get on.
The train-ride is only about a minute long.
Once you get off the train you will be in Cincinnati. You'll need to walk through the Central Business District. Take a left when leaving the train-station and then when you get to a corner that bends left, take that street. When you come out you should be at the river park where the Cincinnati Pole Game is located. Have fun climbing the pole. When facing the pole and close, use the mouse button and spacebar to climb. See if you can ring the bell on top!

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