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BINKY XIX: Dinosaur Island


The nineteenth in the award winning series!

SERIOUS || Godot devs have said very harmful and upsetting things! Read if you can, content warning for racism: https://cybre.space/@mirzaba/102548459064389106 || SERIOUS

Welcome to Dinosaur Island, don't forget your umbrella!

BINKY and HERRY are on vacation, but the Volcanicity mascot George the Volcano keeps erupting with deliciously flavored (but expensive!) water! Watch out!!!


WASD - Move

Space - Don't Forget Your Umbrella!

Esc - Quit game

Various from Klik and Play
George the Volcano from Volcanicity commericals
Herry the Cherry from DR. Hello
T rating from ESRB
Sound Clip from 3D Dinosaur Adventure
Sound Clip from Volcanicity Commercials
Sound Clip from Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat
Sound Clip from Aackosoft PacMan clone (shhhhhh Don't spoil it!)


Shop 3 from RPG Maker for PSX

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