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Tram Simulator Critique Museum


Tram Simulator Critique Museum


You have entered through a doorway into a museum dedicated to the program Tram Simulator. The purpose of this museum is to collect critiques in relation to it. Welcome, to the Tram Simulator Critique Museum. Here you may, upon your own leisure, listen to recordings of collected critiques. Music is available, as well as refreshments. Enjoy your stay!


Headphones are recommended but not required. Press any key to progress from the "splash screen" when so desired. You can move your character with the arrow keys or WASD. Walk into icons (the CD, Thought buttons, apples, etc) to activate / toggle / eat them. Exit the program by walking back into the door you started near by, or by pressing Escape.

Basic Credits

Made in Clickteam Fusion 2.5, led by Nikki, with contributions from Sphere and Jessie. Based on Tram Simulator by fizzhog:

This is my second spin-off of the mainline Simulator series fizzhog has been making.
You can find my prior entry here:
Please check out the many spin-offs others on GT have been doing!

Detailed credits are available in the download, in the file "readme + credits.txt".

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Train Simulator Simulator


what if we simulated "What if Travis Bickle drove a train?"?

the result is Train Simulator Simulator

apologies to fizzhog, Travis Bickle, anybody else who would like an apology really

original game:

first screen uses Tahoma font
mouse pointer is from
music is "Metal On Metal" and the first few seconds of "Abzug", both by Kraftwerk
all sfx are from Portal 2 and the MacMillan sample library

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