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The Game to End All Games

Hello my friends. I have not posted on here in 3 years or so because I have been in a game development wormhole for 3 years working on league of piss 2. They have not been hugely productive or satisfying years. The reason for this is that league of piss 2 require a fully custom engine plus I had a few weird mental breaks where I started developing it as an isometric block game etc etc. Originally piss 2 did not have a custom engine but I had ideas that were too cool for godot and they needed to be brought to life.
Anyway, the point is that game development can be a very slow and demanding process and it can even get in the way of other parts of your life that ARE more important, and so I have conceived the idea of a game that never ends. You may remember that when minecraft came out it was in alpha status and people played the game for years alongside it's development, enjoying new features as they came out. I would like to do the same thing but with a story driven game, simply release new stories again and again, basically treating the game less like one game, and more like a program and a vehicle for the delivery of whatever stories I like. This game is not going to be in alpha status like minecraft thoiugh because that implies progress towards an end. This game will just cease development when / if I am sick of it.
I am very excited about this idea because I think that it has a lot of benefits both for me, and for the final product. I very much like small details and funny secret characters and things in games, but when you are busy and stressed this is difficult, but when you are simply creating content and the overheads of creating the game and world are already behind you, there is no reason not to add as much detail as you desire.
I also think that having all of these stories and characters within one game and one world benefits each thing, but it allows interrelation and connection between them, and a sense of exploration.
Since all this content comes out in phases, to help people keep track I think I will have a system similar to super mario 64 where you could see your progress in completing areas, as this way when areas of the game become bigger you will know to go back there. I dunno I will try that anyway.
Anyway you get the idea but that is the plan. Once I finish this engine I am never going to make another one (maybe I will make a little roguelike or some nerd shit like that but nothing worth posting here). Hopefully I will be able to post the initial playable game on here later this year.

P.S. The engine is open source so if you hypothetically wanted to make your own myst 3 + touhou clone you can do so without the cost of 3 years of your life.

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