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FINA FLIGHTSY (for marbles-box)


Welcome to the newest Cube Enix Produkt, FINA FLIGHTSY.
SEPP, WHIZ, and MOOG are on an adventure in the sky until they are attacked by sky monsters!

Arrows - Move
Z - Fire SEPP attack when ready
X - Fire WHIZ attack when ready
C - Activate MOOG shield when ready
R - Reset Game

Art from Final Fantasy Something
Sound Effects from Roblox, 3D Movie Maker, Chip's Challenge and Klik n Play.
Title music is Title from Final Fantasy Legend III ( track by Ryuji Sasai? )
Game Music from is Boss from the 7th Saga ( track by Norihiko Yamanuki )

This Game Was Made For marbles-box as part of Sekret Santa 2020

This was originally going to be an rpg maker game so I included the sprites I made before I switched to clickteam. They'll work in RPG Maker MV but you'll need to edit them to work in older versions probably. Feel free to use just credit me as Mariken S. or Mariken Drawinge

Made For: 
An event
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