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K&P Raycaster

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Hi all, or whoever is still around on here. I used to be a member about 10 years ago but drifted away and hadn't touched Klik & Play since. I recently saw a post elsewhere online about creating a raycasting engine, which must have triggered some repressed memory because after getting this stupid idea, I couldn’t get it out of my head. I knew I had to somehow make it happen.

I see there was some discussion a long time ago about creating a raycaster in this fine bit of development software but as far as I can see, nobody ever got it going; or at least if they did, nobody ever shared it. So today, I’m ambivalent to unveil the world’s worst raycaster.

It’s slow, glitchy, and almost indecipherably low resolution, but it does just about work. Arrow keys move the player around.

Tested working in a WinXP virtual machine under Parallels on Mac OS. No idea if it works in WINE etc.


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