"It's as if nightmares were real, and not just things children make up to get you to hug them for no reason."

"As soon as I gave up the search for the red-door-opening powerup, I primed my mouse over the Zero Stars button - when it happened. It wasn't a GOTY moment, or a GOTW moment, but it was definitely worth 0.75953 GOTDs."

This is a platformer featuring a certain element from Flywrench - that is, making yourself the same colour to pass through a barrier.

It is also inspired by Illegal Communication and salome.


Left, Right - roll.
You cannot jump.

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An event
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Everything is Upsidedown


The game where your own bullets betray you. Can you make everything rightsideup again? (OF COURSE YOU CANT!)

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Pirate Kart 2
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