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$13 Game


A game for four players that uses four keys.

Disclaimer: this game does not cost $13.

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An event

murderous murderer


This is a four player game. One of the player is the murderer (they must kill half of the citizens), and the rest are cops (they must hunt down the murderer). Press a button to know if you're the murderer! Press another button to kill people!

Mostly made over a coffee high at 2 am. Some things are still a bit choppy (killing people is imprecise as fuck). Also my first game!

jose carlos
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An event
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You and three of your worst enemies face off in a death defying dance of death! Throw shuriken to knock the floor out from beneath them, but remember, you only get three shuriken. That is, UNTIL THE ENTIRE STAGE RECONFIGURES!

Then you get three more.

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Pirate Kart 2
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