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This is an RPG Maker 2k3 chaingame map made over a duration of about a month by krisekrise and me. Starting from a blank map we tried to recreate the entire map of the original Pokémon Red/Blu (Kanto) from memory.

I don't know why we did this. It is not humanly possible to understand it. But what might be even more scary is how eerily accurate our map turned out compared to the actual thing. Have a look for yourself.


* No one was allowed to look at any Pokémon-related stuff during the month of making this: So no maps, images, Pokéwiki, playthrough videos etc. Especially not from the first-gen games. (Both of use hadn't played the games in a long time)
* We took turns during mapping where each of us would create one route or city or some other landmark and then send the map to the other person to continue.
* Only use the default RPG Maker overworld tileset and RTP assets

The title screen graphic was made by asking an AI image generator what it thinks a Pokémon gameboy box cover would look like.
Background midis were collected from various RPG Maker projects lying around.

If you want to compare while playing, here is the original map for reference:

Feel free to use our ruleset to expand this map (anyone want to add Johto?) or recreate some other game overworld.

spiders & krisekrise
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Alright jim here's the final mission

using that gun you picked up, kill all the remaining pokomon and master THEM ONCE AND FOR ALL!

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made in a little over 2 hours and before the start of the jam i just wanted to say how much i wish everyone on a good POKOMON journey

play as jim the local ruffian of the POKOMON forest
jim is only a ten year old girl who wishes to become the very best
like.... ?

well you get the point

also dont touch the pokomon or theyll kill you

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1minute exactly!


i made this in 1 minute! :D

feed the poor hungry clown with tasty apples

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Pirate Kart 2
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