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Rally Kazan '91 - for hellojed


It's New Years Eve, 1991 and the Soviet Union has just collapsed. Many of the amateur street and rally racers have seized this opportunity to put their skills to the test like never before. Numerous gangs and factions have sprung up to compete in the cities, towns and forests throughout Russia, but rumors tell that the best racers have found their way to Kazan.

If you want to be allowed in to this not-so-underground society, you must prove your worth and your skill. Explore the city, find supplies, and scope out the area to learn which faction controls where. Then, provide them with the resources they need before offering them a race. If you can gain their respect, you can then work your way up and expand your notoriety across the city. Maybe a team will even accept you as own of their own drivers.

Listed in game. Press H to show and hide controls and game help.

Deer Santa
Choose your own Wishlist:

"Goblet Grotto-like"
"Tender Frog House"
Possibly Christmas Themed
Original Characters
Games where there's 2D sprites in a 3D environment are always good vibes (this is hard to do so it's not a requirement)

Intro song - chirimoya
Tender Frog House bar music - Арбай Хоор
Graffiti (taken with permission) - rohb.stationdesign & keso_rbc
Various sound effects - Epidemicsound.com
Car Physics and Race AI - FGear

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Cool Shrimp Driving Experience


You go off the interstate with your three pals and explore the world
Derby in the fuckin desert, have a nice time
stop for coffee
find some redbull

normal game things

this is my last game going on GT, you can find my serious stuff elsewhere

peace yo



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1HGJ: Escape From Suburbia


ESCAPE FROM SUBURBIA, a game made in one hour for the One Hour Game Jam. This time, the theme was Escape.

Use the arrow keys to move your minivan: up to accelerate, down to reverse, and left right to steer that direction. Launch missiles with the Z key or joypad button 1.

Find a way to escape the evil planet of Suburbia and its killer drone robots. This is kind of a riddle. It reminds me of the old quote, "Sometimes the only winning move is not to play."

Enjoy! Created with Clickteam Fusion. Sound effects made with LabChirp. Sprites and lettering by me.

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Ludum Dare Delivery


This was a game I worked on for like a day and a half last week for the Ludum Dare, the theme was "Your life is currency" so I though "what about a version of Crazy Taxi where your health was tied to the amount of money in your bank account" and you'd drive around making fares, periodically money would be deducted and if you had none your heath would run out. And also you'd have a load of debt to pay off. I managed to implement most game features but didn't want to bother with finishing it, tuning it, or really messing with it anymore.

basically Unity's default Car Controller is terrible and driving was a real bummer, also the game was a real bummer of a subject, and while the primary color blue sky graphics have a certain charm it was not the look I really wanted.

How 2 Play
Drive around until you see a box with a green circle, stop in the circle to pick up the box, the arrow will point to where you need to go to drop it off. stop inside the dropoff zone and get paid $$$

Arrow Keys - Accellerate, brake, and steer
R key - Reset car
Escape key - quit game

City road assets: 3D road Tile Pack by Kenny.nl https://opengameart.org/content/3d-road-tile-pack
Cars: Vehicle assets by @eracoon https://opengameart.org/content/vehicles-assets-pt1

Music: An original composition by me (I made a bunch of experimental music and this was like, okay)

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Our Wedding: A Happy Anniversary Game


A game to commemorate our wedding. We got married in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and drove from Belvoir church to the reception in Malone House on a vintage David Brown Cropmaster tractor. Now you too can share our journey!


Thanny Mack
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Dark Driving


driving, forever, with bats.

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microbusero splash.png

Microbusero is a microbus driving minigame in which you get to crash cars, roll over pedestrians, pick up and drop off passengers and use the mighty La Cucaracha!

Cristian Cardenas and Mihael Grilec
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Terrifying Drive


Not all that terrifying really.

Juliette Porée
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Charm City Patrol


(I confess this took me MUCH longer than 2 hours to do; it originally started as a GT project, but quickly ballooned. It still looks kinda crappy, but plays solid enough and definitely has the GT spirit.)

You are a cop. A damn good one. Patrol through Baltimore City.

Press the ENTER key to begin the game.
Steer your car with LEFT and RIGHT. Press UP to accelerate, and DOWN to stop and go in reverse.

Collect EVIDENCE and bust PERPS by rolling your car into them.
If you want to connect with an informant, STOP your car and they will walk to you.
(as long as they are not blocked)
If you crash into buildings too many times, you will end the game by taking a desk job for the department.
(Don't worry, you won't be fired.)


Created in a day for Glorious Trainwrecks.
Inspired by the NES game “Motor City Patrol” and over 15 years of living in Baltimore City, Maryland, USA.

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Diplomatic Corpse 2010: An Educatioanal


An educatioanal! Run over the babies! Fail to indicate!

Earn repute for your country and win the negotiations!

Press space to start!

let me clarify HOLD DOWN SPACE to not indicate while turning, there are three endings to this

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