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Never Be Here: The TEASER


This is a little piece of a game that I'm not going to release anytime soon.
While I removed a large amount of content, there's also content that I simply blocked off.
In the Teaser, you will walk through some of the maps and be snatched off them just as it gets interesting.
You will be able to see some inaccessible parts behind walls which I think is really cool.
There is also commentary.
You will also get a Debug Device (you will need to find out which key activates it) that makes it possible to access all the teaser's content without having to modify the game.
You can see the items you collected by selecting Itembook from the escape menu. You can acquire the Item Guidebook by noclipping and talking to a glitched guy in the southeast corner of the map with the Mario trivia graphic, or by manually turning off the boolean ("Switch") #33. Both actions require Debug Device.

The game itself is mostly a walking simulator in the form you will see it, but you will also have a challenge section and you can even die.

I hope I'll get you hyped with my eloquence and architecture.

(This game requires no RTP, but it doesn't have the whole thing merged with the game either. Isn't that great.)

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An event

Truffles Stealth Action


A little time ago I started thinking about a stealth game where enemies would track you by sense of smell. This turned into a silly prototype where actually the enemies just have a larger collision radius and move in fixed paths, so it's not even really a "stealth" game. You control the last truffle on earth (trust me, I looked at several pictures of truffles to try to get it right, if it looks like something else that's my lack of skill...) trying to avoid the pigs that can detect you if you get too close. Anyway, it was already on ice so, why not add it to this event... I just added some screens (title, game over) and another "level".

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An event
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Me and Rectangles

Me and Rectangles.png

a game about my childhood

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An event

Squid Boss Surprise


I have never made a game before. I wanted to use k n p like all the cool people but it just wouldn't run. So instead, construct. This isn't really finished, but I figure after two hours, it's finished enough.

Mash ctrl to shoot.

I hope it's not too late to take part in this glorious event.

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Pirate Kart 2
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