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Shellmar's Shellulous Journey


Guide Shellmar the blue turtle through the perilous blue caves in search of treasure!

Shellmar has the special ability to repel bullets by holding his shell over his head. Shellmar is not very strong, though, and this soon wears him out, so he can only hold his shell over his head while standing on the ground and for only one second at a time.


Left/right: Move
Down: Cover Shellmar with shell
X: Jump

F4: Toggle fullscreen
Esc: Quit
F9: Take screenshot

I was in a river in Zion Canyon most of Saturday, so I missed this KotM, but I've been itching to participate in another one for a while now and figured I'd rather be late now than wait for next month.

I've been wanting to make this game's basic idea for a while. It became a somewhat different thing.

John D. Moore
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Spirograph Skies


This is basically The Terrible Terrible Turret multiplied by 12. Though, this really began as a hack of Helipong.

Light up the night sky with a scintillating array of automatic laser fire! Use the arrows to rotate the ring of cannons, and see how long you can last before they are destroyed in a glorious blaze.

TIP: Get a friend to watch you play so they can tell you how cool the screen looks.

Oh, and here's something neat: unlike The Terrible Terrible Turret, I randomised the variables in the attack progression sequence. So, you'll get a slightly different kind of laser show every time you play.

Background "A Spring Sky Over Hirsau Abbey" via Astronomy Picture of the Day.

Leon Arnott
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You are a gun. The balls give you money. You have to shoot the bricks. You have to PAY FOR YER BULLETS

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An event



This is a sequel to The Terrible Terrible Turret. Dig into the well by shooting missiles upward to fall down onto the blocks. But you must make sure you don't shoot yourself! Landing on each colour of block causes you to shoot a different array of bullets - some more fearsome than others.

In addition to what it has inherited from its predecessor, you can also see similarities to some of my other games, Prizeleaper and In The Well. And, of course, the influence by Mr. Driller cannot be overstated.


Left arrow - roll to the left.
Right arrow - roll to the right.
R - respawn after losing. Each gray block is a checkpoint.

Mac OS X version: http://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com/files/Prizeturret.7z

Leon Arnott
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An event

Blink Gunner


This is Blink Gunner, the teleport-powered dodge-em-up! Pilot the A.S.D.F. Sittingduck, a ship that cannot move but can teleport ("blink") to wherever you click the mouse. Once you blink, you must wait until you regain your juice (indicated by a ring around your ship) before you can blink again. Whenever you blink, a forcefield absorbs any enemy bullets within the ring, converting them into juice and making your ship recharge faster!


Left click: teleport to cursor location if you have a full ring of juice.
Keyboard: do nothing.

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An event

Unlikely Arsenal


You are Baron van der Bandolier, and must blast a swarm of Fearsome Flying Femmes Fatale. You have two bouncing lasers, one shoe-cannon set, and one back-mounted grenade launcher. You can only fire all of these weapons at once, and if you get hit by one of your own shots, you die. In retrospect, your enthusiasm for weaponry may be your undoing.

Arrows: float
Space: shoot weapons.

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An event

Nitty Gritty


A bunch of colourful sprites that were rejected by various videogame projects have banded together to star in their own game, which they've called "Nitty Gritty". Time to fire up that minigun, Nitty!

Z or Space - let 'er rip
Arrows - slip and weave

There are 17 opponent sprites. If one of them slips past the bottom of the screen, it may evolve into a new form and reappear later in the game. Exactly 8 of them are capable of evolving... some of them more than once.

After the game ends, you see a roll call of all the soundly defeated sprites.

EDIT: Updated Oct. 2011 with a title screen, music, and save files.

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An event

The Terrible Terrible Turret


Dodge the falling grenades that your malfunctioning war turret is shooting!

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Pirate Kart 2
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