Court Day Good Luck Baby

Today Is Court Day Good Luck Baby

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Roshambon Box


Get equipped with the newest craze, ROSHAMBON!

For just TEN FUNBUX, you can have your very own ROSHAMBON!


Then sell them for FAT STACKS! YoU'Ll Be RiCh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(alternatively, you can work the most boring job in the world to earn your funbux legitimately.)

- This game was made with Construct and requires DirectX 9 or higher to run -

EDIT: Now updated with music written by my S.O.!

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An event
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Here's my first game for Pirate Kart 2, a short < 100 lines of white space game of chance where the object is to guess a color. No score is kept because no one cares.

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Pirate Kart 2
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