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nailed it


I did the bulk of this the night of Flik of The Month Flub #1, but put aside finishing it until the day after because the art was so much work. Then I got sick for a week, crushing my plans. I only ended up finishing it today.

Colour scheme drawn from "I Let The Sunglasses Do The Talking", then ruined by adding additional colours.

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WarioWare D.I.Y: Eat a Baby


My first submission to WarioWare D.I.Y: The Last Hurrah is a remake of the snapman classic Eat a Baby or a Burglar. A tough moral decision awaits those who play, with some of the possible outcomes previewed above!

Want to play this game? You'll need to swap friend codes with me actually find me in person. Good luck with that.

Here's a Vine of the game in action.

For those with flashcarts/emulators/tools/more time on their hands, the .mio file for the game can be downloaded here.

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Chime Crime


It is 3102 malovian stornich calendar

The ringing of bells or Chime Crime has been forbidden at the penalty of death. The reason for this has been lost to the ages.

The notorious immortal ancestral alien protohuman criminal who brought forbidden cosmic knowledge of sauerkraut to all Innocentgoodlyman Gentleman the Third has been fooled into committing the heinous act of Chime Crime in front of the Tribunal of Flowers by his rival and kindergarten teacher Heartbeast Saintslayer.

The only way out is for Innocentgoodlyman Gentleman the Third to beat the system. The protostructure will go bankrupt prosecuting you if you commit one million infractions. Ring the bells. Fearlessly strike them again and again to blasphemy the law itself before you bear the weight of your crime instead of letting evidence accrue. But beware. Invoke the mark of the sickle, draw its attention and it shall cut your life short. Let death fall as it may. You have no other hope to survive.

Catch bells for points.

You will be penalized for bells that fall off the screen, and ultimately lose a life.

Shoot the bells to increase the point multiplier before you catch them.

Don't get greedy in aquiring points, because shooting the bells too many times will cause them to kill you instead when you catch them.

Get one million points to win the game.

Cursor keys - move
Space - shoot

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Eat a Baby or a Burglar


It is your decision.

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Pirate Kart 2
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