Garlo's Gambit


garlo is back!

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!!!!!! - The Game That Appears First In Alphabetical Listings


This is just like VVVVVV, except when you press the "flip gravity" button, everything else flips gravity instead of you. I know there's probably ten or twenty games out there that use similar mechanics, but the only one that comes to mind at the moment is LIMBO. And even then it more commonly used electromagnets instead of gravity.

The player-character is inspired by this webcomic.

Arrows - move.
X - Jump.
C - Flip gravity.

Leon Arnott
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An event

Day at the Beach


A Day at the Beach
Game by PsySal (psysal@gmail.com) - www.kittylambda.com
Made on Feb 28, 2010 for the KLIK HARDER PIRATE KART II


You play this game in NOTEPAD.EXE or similar text editor. It's like a choose-your-own
adventure story.

Sometimes, you'll be told to "go to [N]" where N is a number. You can get there by
hitting CTRL+F (for find) and entering in [N]. Easy!

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Pirate Kart 2
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