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Epic battle simulator pro


Just enjoy this spectacle of seeing little pixelated soldiers killing each other in an epic battle !!!

optionally you can bet which army will win the battle.

F2 to restart the battle.

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POV: You Have To Say Hi


Based on a true story (maybe)

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Flight Simulator 20XX Infinity


Pilot across skylines, oceans, deserts, real mountain ranges, real-time weather simulations, the planets and beyond... EVERY. ATOM. PROCEDURAL.

How to play:

1. Squint really really hard
2. Have a dear friend softly whisper in your ear: "You are playing Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020... You are playing Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020..."
3. Press 'H' to view list of controls

Sponsored by Bing Maps.

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Birthday Simulator 2

Birthday Simulator 2.png

The long awaited sequel.

You can follow me on twitter here:
you can support me on patreon here:

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Train Simulator The Movie


movie of the train games
sorry i was having trouble running jakeclover2432222 train simulator reloaded. game maker doesnt work well in linux

games are

train simulator by fizzhog
train simulator simulator by mno
train simulator reloaded by jakeclover2432222


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bug game

Screenshot at 2019-07-09 00-30-03.png

A feed-em-up about life in an ant colony and bad homes. View the source code for cool ant facts!

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Biden My Time: A Joe Biden Garfield Reading Adventure


joe just wants to read his garfs!!! give him what he wants

takes about five minutes to beat the main quest, then continue on in the "procedurally" "generated" "sandbox mode". Requires a stable internet connection to run properly.

"this is really polished but I don't understand why you made it" -our playtesters

We Need Bees
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Birthday Simulator

happy birthday.jpg

I made this for fun and for your entertainment.


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Human Head Simulator 2017

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 4.56.15 PM.png

Here's a human head floating in a purple void for you to play with and enjoy. Please treat it with the respect it deserves. Comes with two eyes. You might enjoy also going into edit mode with "e" and making your own human head with as many eyes as you want.

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