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A tolerate-em-up about life in the desert. Can YOU withstand the fly onslaught without losing your mind?

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Small Boy Adventures 2


Ladies and gentlemen, i present you one of the most unbelievable earlier "trainwrecks" i made.
This is a horrible platformer full of triggering traps i made (and it has even waligie in it because fuck logic).
And yes, don't expect it to be made in cool MMF2, it's made in Game Maker 8.

To skip levels just press F12 if you fail a lot.

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Geim Maekr


Use the left mouse button to place your character
Use the right mouse button to place trees
read the readme

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omg it's ShitPong!

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Yell at a kid: Jurassic Park Edition!


I was recently contacted by the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It seems sick little Tommy Dumouchelle's final wish was for his favorite game to fit his favorite movie. I couldn't turn him down.

Here's the original.

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Yell at a kid


Do YOU have what it takes to yell at a child?
Holy SMOKES! Look at these features!

-> Real Graphics!

-> Pressing Moral Dilemmas, such as "when should I leave the intro screen", and "should i yell at a child?"

-> YOU choose the story! Will you yell at the child right away, or walk back and forth a few times, first?

-> Mind bending Puzzles! Can you figure out how to WALK ACROSS THE ROOM??

-> Nonstop Action! YELL at a child!! Hit restart! Do it again!

-> Authentic KHROMT poster! Look at it forever!

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Krampus Poops on Everybody


You're the Krampus, and you're pooping on naughty children.


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Shit Snake


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Punch Out Boxing: The Ultimate Non-Disambiguated Simulator Challenge


now heres a game thats pointless unless you were on the chat when shit went down

gonna ball a sequel to an oldie to compensate

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Daphny needs to shit


buggy and I'm pretty sure unwinnable

-----> [PLAY ONLINE (flash)] <-----

the version attached here has slightly better sound (but not 5mb better I just fucked up the compression)

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