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an animated gif of someone swinging an axe

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An event
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Golden Ass


For now, this is simply a preview for GOLDEN ASS.

Yes, that is a reference to this:

I had a level ready to go, but damn Klik 'n' Play crashed on me. : /

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Made For: 
An event

Monster Axe


Fight off all the ugly monsters with the Monster Axe! Featuring MSPaint monsters crowdsourced from

Z or space to jump.
X to toss axe when you have the axe.
Arrows to locomote.

Features 10 boss battles.

Probably a bunch of bugs exist. Reported bugs may be fixed in 18 hours.

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An event

Zongor VS Crazy Axe Man!


Help Zongor save the day to defeat the Crazy Axe Man!

Button 1 to shoot.

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Pirate Kart 2
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