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Super Kaizo Pling 2: Kaizo Pling 3


In the year 2018, only YOU* can force plingpling's collision system into submission! Only YOU* can influence the path of a white ball that bounces around a lot! Only YOU* can find a bunch of exploits that I didn't expect** which make the levels super easy! Only YOU* can receive an up to 10% chance*** to be crowned King of Pling**** just by playing! Critics call it:

"Getting Over It as a pinball game."

"[T]he pinball game of Citizen Kanes."

"I [...] see why people have to compare this to completely [...]relevant works."

BUT WAIT! Play now, and you'll* get not ONE, not ONE-HALF†, but TWO mind-blowing foot-stomping action-packing verb-placing†† levels that will BLOW YOUR* MIND! For an extra challenge, go for the lowest score!

(Warning: do not play Super Kaizo Pling 3: Kaizo Pling 2 if you* are allergic to Super Kaizo Pling 3 or any of its ingredients, or if you* are allergic to Kaizo Pling 2 or any of its ingredients. †††)

*Applies to anyone reading.
**Some exploits may be partially expected.
***Currently at 0%.
†If amount of levels is not being judged effort-wise.
††Will not actually place verbs.
†††Also do not play if you* are allergic to Super Kaizo Pling or any of its ingredients. ††††
††††Or Kaizo Pling or any of its ingredients.

So click the URL on your* screen NOW and have the best time of your* life!

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Proof 1-3


got into an argument and then made this game

the Mac and PC versions are pretty different

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gun knife sword wife

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 5.52.05 PM.png

rated M for real being real edgy

the grim reaper himself
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MUHAMMAD 3 The verwourren family


Muhammad is ill and only his son Muhammad can save him. But the evil Lloyd, the son of Snake lord and Belsazar has stolen the cure.
Oh no.
How evil.
Now Muhammad jr. is on an epic quest to find the cure.

2358792174854793597238759345 world with 387438683 levels per world
BEST HD graphics you can imagine, better than reality
Best physics of the world

"Played it for years, its so superb!!!!!!!!" Lipple do rouse
" Muhammad never gets old lol 5 göbipoints" Göbi
"Better than Fruchtbonbons" Big Mama
"I am ugly" Sarah Koll

Also play the mind blowing prequels Muhammad 1 and Muhammad 2

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An event
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Emergent graphic gameplay.

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Pirate Kart 2
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