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Cactus Killer

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sequel to other cactus killer gams,
it's a remake of one of the games on this.
this is also a thing
based on a song from a spinoff of that band the blood brothers
sorta sequel to all these games

the third remake, thanks for playing

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An event

Cactus Flower


Like Cactus Block, but flower.

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An event

Cactus Block (02/20/2010)


This is an old game that predates the current GT submission system. I am reuploading it so that all my GT games will show up on this page:*/sylvie

Cactus Block is a "gambling platformer". Use WASD to move, and click to place either a cactus or a block. You don't know which one it will be. Press R to restart the level if you get stuck or fall off the bottom.

In 2013, I made a remake of this game with added features called Cactus Block 2013. You can download that here:

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An event
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plant pals


help a sad and lonely little cactus person plant some friends

plant as many as you can in SIXTY seconds!
just don't let them get too close. you're kinda spikey, being a cactus and all.

made with game maker studio. you can mute the game with 'M'

thanks for playing <3


I checked with Avira and it was indeed a false positive result! which is such a huge relief ;; sorry if I scared anyone
this silly little game is perfectly safe to download

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Klik Asia


Apologies to cactus.

Arrows: Move
Shift: Boost
Hold Ctrl: Attract boss pieces
Hold Ctrl, press Shift: Shoot attracted boss pieces
Release Ctrl: Shoot all boss pieces at once

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An event

GDC Experience 2010

Screen shot 2010-03-13 at 8.00.22 PM.png

A simple text game about some of my favourite moments from GDC 2010.

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Glorious GDC Gameboree 2010
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