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Tri Soup Shmup - Pirate Kart Edition


An abstract shmup i originally made for a LD48 , but added 24h more into it and overhauled a bunch of gameplay. Most of the time was spent on working out the gameplay and pacing.

Eventually a single hit from an evil red triangle will kill you (they do more damage the longer the game plays), so stockpiling energy early on and good timing of 'Time Slow' and 'Teleport' will keep you alive longer as well as boost the score multiplier.

Instructions are onscreen.
Love it? Hate it? Help me make it better and tell me about what you like and dont like about it.



Christina Coffin
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An event

Nitty Gritty


A bunch of colourful sprites that were rejected by various videogame projects have banded together to star in their own game, which they've called "Nitty Gritty". Time to fire up that minigun, Nitty!

Z or Space - let 'er rip
Arrows - slip and weave

There are 17 opponent sprites. If one of them slips past the bottom of the screen, it may evolve into a new form and reappear later in the game. Exactly 8 of them are capable of evolving... some of them more than once.

After the game ends, you see a roll call of all the soundly defeated sprites.

EDIT: Updated Oct. 2011 with a title screen, music, and save files.

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An event
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Ultimate Crapshoot Battle



this is unimaginative even for my standards

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An event
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Let's Get This Over With


All you have to do is survive 10 seconds in this gloriously simple avoid 'em up. 10 mere seconds and you can move on with your life. 10 seconds...

Made in Game Maker, because that's how I roll.

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Klik of the Month Klub #33 (Mar 2010)
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