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Control your balloon with the up / down arrow keys, and try to pass the other balloons.
You only want to bounce off balloons that are behind you.
Your horizontal speed depends on your vertical position. You can look at the wind gauge (white bars on the left) to find out where you will get max speed.

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draw string (100, 100), "Jumps! A game with 7 levels", &HFFFFFFFF
draw string (100, 120), "Left and right arrow keys move", &HFFFFFFFF
draw string (100, 132), "When you move, you will teleport to a random tile of equal value", &HFFFFFFFF
draw string (100, 144), "Get to the smiley with as few moves as possible", &HFFFFFFFF
draw string (100, 156), "Press key to start...", &HFFFFFFFF

In summary:
-Press the right arrow key to randomly go to one of the red tiles
-Press the left arrow key to randomly go to one of the blue tiles
-Get to the smiley in as few moves as possible
-Final score is shown after all 7 levels are played; it is 1000 - number of moves

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Klik of the Month Klub #33 (Mar 2010)
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