el loco dumas

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Hosted: El Loco Dumas


My online friend Arf made this thing years ago. I am uploading it here to save for posterity.

I'm not sure if I included the right cncs232.dll version. Oh well.

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Dumas Party - In Glorious HD!


Felt like making this, dunno why. About a hundred instances of El Loco Dumas (Yellow Runner) jog across your screen while pulsing up and down to upbeat music and a seizure-inducing background. Requires hardware-accelerated DirectX 8 and a screen resolution over 1280x800. If too many people are on cobweb-collecting antiques can't run the demo, guess I'll upload a less extravagant software-rendered version. Made using MMF2.

P.S. Hold Spacebar for more Dumas (over 500!).

Edit: Holy crap, the image is so wide that it breaks the layout. Oops.

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