contempt for walls

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omgt5: fever dream


made while bedridden with headcold. reaching the underwhelming alternative ending is as easy as A, B, C! (it's actually really hard and unintuitive)

music from The Ferret Show by Goto80 and the Uwe Schenk Band.

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Cave Shooter


Arrows: move
Shift: slow movement (but it isn't really useful in the finished game, haha)

Avoid crashing! Shoot the walls for points! Super fast cave action!

Vaguely inspired by the scoring strategy for the first stage of Zed Blade:

EDIT: Oops I fixed a bug. It was supposed to be giving points relative to the scrolling speed instead of the bullet speed, but I forgot to put global.speed instead of speed. <_> (It is floor(global.speed)*8 per scenery shot now. :awesome:)

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Klik of the Month Klub #33 (Mar 2010)
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