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Card Game - Make 10


MAKE 10, a card game I made that uses a single deck of regular playing cards. The goal is to use cards from your suit to win bids on the face cards, shown in four separate piles. Supports 2 to 4 players.

Full instructions are posted at the "game link." Enjoy!

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1hgj - Fruit Soldiers


I originally made this for the One Hour Game Jam, and the theme was 2 Player*. It's a non-violent, action-packed 1- or 2-Player game that's done in about 5 minutes.

Win the game by collecting more fruits than your rival. When the time runs out (measured by the GREEN BAR), then the game is over. Whomever has the highest score wins the game!

By smashing into blocks, you will eventually destroy them. Sometimes they leave behind powerup gems:
- Oval gems will increase the damage you do to blocks.
- Square gems will increase the score bonus you receive for picking up fruits.

Player One is the Blue Knight, and the Player Default in 1-Player Games
Player Two is the Red Knight

Press 1 for a 1-Player Game (control the Blue Knight with the ARROW KEYS on your keyboard)
Press 2 for a 1-Player Game (control the Blue Knight with a Gamepad plugged into your PC)
Press 3 for a 2-Player Game (control the Blue Knight with the ARROW KEYS on your keyboard, control the Red Knight with a Gamepad plugged into your PC)

I made this game with my twin nephews in mind. They're both six years old. One's favourite colour is blue, while the others is red. If I only had dinosaurs instead of knights, this game would be complete perfection as far as they're concerned. Hopefully you enjoy it too! Now version 1.2, which implements single-player games and offers control schemes for either keyboard (using the ARROW KEYS) or a Gamepad.

Artwork for knights and fruits by Clickteam. I did the blocks and the UI. Music by Clickteam. Victory SFX from Centipede (Atari, 1982). Other SFX made by me in bfxr.

*: Except, the theme really wasn't "2 Player." I don't exactly know what the theme was this time around. For some reason I received messages that read, "Something is wrong with our jam scheduler" and so on at the website, so this is probably an old theme. Oh well.

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Twin Snakes


Single player or Multiplayer!
It even plays itself!
Thanks to Nikki and Sergio for talking me out of having a violent image in this game!

Ben Costrell told me to make this game
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Sinister Acid Domination


Press A for player 1 and L for player 2 to fire your dot, the higher it is when it reaches the other side the more damage it does, when dots collide the higher dot kills the lower dot and looses some height. The game is better with 2 as the ai I coded is hella ghetto

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New York Smash

Screen Shot 2012-03-04 at 9.02.41 PM.png

A fighting game for two players (sharing a keyboard).
Made within 2 hours on Scratch.

Dorothy controls: WASD keys and e to punch
Jones controls: arrow keys and spacebar to punch

good times to be had

You'll need Scratch to play or play on the linked site

BoingFlip Interactive
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Pirate Kart 2

Sanic Ganerations


Born of the internet's cruel hand. The latest Sanic game consisting of 3 minigames.

Made for the lulz in roughly 12 hours on Sunday because I was feeling a little bit bored and juvenile. It might only be 3 but it was good effort for me.

Requires Flash 8.

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2P S.A.H



I've made a new link for the game, a more permanent and safer host on my domain (instead of dropbox)

New features have been added including tighter controls, decreased fire-rate and game changing power-ups including rapid fire and shield.

Font has been fixed and new sound and music has been added, enjoy!

2P S.A.H

A 2 player competitive cross between Asteroids and Air Hockey.
This is my first game I hope you like it! You need a friend to play this, but even if you have no friends arround you should still have a look :)

A WELL PRETENTIOUS PRESENTATION - Good luck figuring out what the heck you have to do!
RELATIONSHIP BONDING - Get intimate with a friend or loved one as you play around a single keyboard!

It runs best in Google Chrome as the game runs in hardware mode. But it still performs fine in software mode in other browsers - just not as well.

Made in Construct 2.

Michael Manning / CrudePixel
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BurritoV1 2012-02-26 03-36-53-89.jpg

Eat as many burritos as you can! Steal your friends burritos for double the points in this two player head-to-head fight for BURRITOS!

First person to eliminate their score WINS!

player 1:

Player 2:
up, down, left, right


James Briggs
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Step Sequencer Battle


2 player realtimeturnbased battle in a step sequencer. First to 3 points wins.

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I Love You But You Kiss Like a Girl


left player use WASD
right player use arrow keys

score hits by making your tongue long, block hits by making your tongue short, try to force your opponent off the screen to win the kiss!
inspired by theresa, who is pretty.

sorry this is over time! I was adding lovely polish for you all <3

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Klik of the Month Klub #33 (Mar 2010)
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