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Saucer Sandy's Moon Escape


Windows and HTML5 versions now available!

This is a randomly-generated space dungeon arena shooter. Help Saucer Sandy escape this prison moon by fighting various bosses and collecting powerups.

This is loosely inspired by Hero Core, The Binding of Isaac, You Have To Win The Game, Clu Clu Land, and my old game Heart of Gold.

Music by Heatbeat. Font by codeman38.

I choose to believe that my working several hours overtime on this will make up for everyone else's sparse showing this month.

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Unlikely Arsenal


You are Baron van der Bandolier, and must blast a swarm of Fearsome Flying Femmes Fatale. You have two bouncing lasers, one shoe-cannon set, and one back-mounted grenade launcher. You can only fire all of these weapons at once, and if you get hit by one of your own shots, you die. In retrospect, your enthusiasm for weaponry may be your undoing.

Arrows: float
Space: shoot weapons.

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Saucer Sandy's Meteor Melee


This is a quick arena-type game featuring Saucer Sandy, a character from an old game of mine who is evidently down on her luck lately. At least she's got a new weapon to try out, though.

Score points by harmlessly blowing up your two friends and collecting desserts until you get tagged. But don't blow yourself up! That would be completely unconscionable.

Use the arrow keys to move and Space to drop mines.

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32 Bit Epyleptyk Arena

At last, game which combines arena shmups with pinball and unplayability. Oddbob, eat your heart out.

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Ladies' Auxiliary Klik of the Month Ball #5 (Mar 2010)
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