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15 Ways to Surprise Your Little One
Children of young age need to play with higher level toys that sharpen their mind and enforce physical activities, and due to this reason, while selecting a surprise gift or toy, it should have cared for that product should challenge the growing abilities of children physically and mentally. There is a list of 15 ways that surprise your little one.
1. BrainBolt: It is a classic game that is a memory booster and serves as the best way of killing time on a long journey.
2. Paper aeroplane controlled by smartphone: It encourages children to play outside and teaches principles of aerodynamics, flight and sharpens their reflexes.
3. Marble Circuit logic board: It helps in developing cognitive skills and amazes your child.
4. Action Figures: The action figure of your child's favourite character will surprise them and increase their joy to many folds, and parents can purchase Sonic action figure
5. American Ninja warrior game: It is an amazing game that improves the skills of your child and increases their level of enjoyment.
6. Toys to make a racing car: The game of making a racing car is amazing, and it surprises your child.
7. Meltdown: It is a game that enhances the critical and analytical skills of a child, and they also like it.
8. Carpool Karaoke: It is an amazing gift that surprises your child, and children can enjoy singing on it
9. Boost Creative Toolbox: Children are able to make and program a robot and play with it
10. PLAYMOBIL: It is an amazing gift that provides the experience of playing with a spaceship to the child
11. Butts Up Electronic Game: It is a fun game that can be played with the family members
12. Star war game: Children can play amazing games form 270 pieces
13. Made Easy Craft Set: Children can play with the craft set and make amazing art pieces
14. Tiny Pong: A game that improves coordination between hand and eye
15. Make Your Own: Cross-Stitch Jewellery box: Children can make their own jewellery from pieces.

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platonic football '99

platonic football 01.PNG

what to say?
after 98 iterations of "platonic football" i can only say that "platonic football '99" will be my final take on this game. i am aiming for perfection this time.

this is true football. in its platonic, ideal way.

yesterday evening i did a first, loose take on player movements, not quite happy how it came out... so today i will figure out how to individualize each player, to give them more unique movement patterns.

stay tuned...

tl;dr: a two player football game

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What I've been up to

fuck work.jpg

I've been out of "work" for so long (4 years), I'm like i'm done looking. I freelance now. I like getting up at 9am, exercise, drink tea, eat a pleasant breakfast, read the paper, then settle into work. I hated the long commutes (I don't own a car) and office politics and getting up early for a job I hate just to pay the bills. Ew. No.

I would tinker on my games as a hobby, now I'm just going to publish them for profit, cos why not. I have fun coding and I don't have to be bothered with other people in a work setting. It annoys me to be interrupted for trivial things.

I finally recovered files after a hard drive crash. Got new computers from china, only for the power supply to burn out. Using an old universal power supply that was for an ibm thinkpad, so yay for that.

Some of my game images went missing, had to redo them. I'm still working on games from 2012.... I have some games that's older than that!! :P I got old QB games I want to clean up for QB64 and get that published. Fun times.

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Games in development

Here are some games in development that I'm too lazy to post to the site.

Cement Truck Wars [only got the title screen so far]
The Thanksgiving Game [was gonna finish this on thanksgiving 2014 but it got too late]
Texas alien massacre [I just gotta finish perfecting the winning screen]
Midi player 30000 [sequel to midi player 9000 with non-stock knp midis]

I'll Make games. But here's a blog bc i saw the blog entry part and thought 'that would be fun' pt.1??

Games as an art form should not seem so preposterous, it is only viewed so negatively for its incorporation of user participation, which admittedly immediately fucks up integrity with the automatic compensation that must take place (at least in terms of wide-audience relases) however lesser popular games will inherently contain some obvious quirk of the designer, the user instead will have to grapple with the singular/small teams issues/inadequacies instead of being comfortably carried through a la book or movie, it becomes simultaneously about experience and analysis, if not direct analysis of the programmers then that of the simulated environment they created with a pinch of willful suspension of disbelief (the ol WSD) so really in this day and age i no longer try to argue or defend video games artness because really its kind of auto-art, not something which you can just claim isn't such and it will be defamed, like it's eternally esteemed in my head so what. maybe that seems a little solipsist but you understand how it's essentially human excess just like any other art, just concerned more with creating a comprehensive controllable experience or something i dunno. you get what i'm saying. thanks

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