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Glorious Wreckz Garden


Happy Birthday Glorious Trainwrecks! In this 'metagame' you can explore and experience a selection of 6 years of history of wrecks. (Some may call it game menu or game loader: well... it's more than that.) 2300+ games included!

How to start: unzip .exe file to your desktop, or any other convenient location. (Don't run from within the .zip file!)

What to do: Use keyboard or mouse to peek around. Select a game icon to download it, then again to play it. (Hold mouse button or ENTER slightly longer than usual to do this. There must be some challenge involved!) Enjoy your garden!

Challenges: If a chosen game doesn't start at all, it's probably a Klik 'n Play game (and you don't have the KNP DLLs installed?) or a 16-bit-Windows-7-unfriendly game. Your challenge is to make it work; I didn't figure it out yet... Some games have mysterious hidden icons... Some games have mysterious cryptic description text...

System requirements: Windows XP or 7 (or 8?), average decent graphics card, DirectX (at least version 9?), XNA 4.0 redistributables, .NET 4 redistributables

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Bug Swatter / Zombie Crusher


I've been playing a lot of Wario Ware DIY lately. It only lets you use one 'button', to tap your DS screen with the stylus or click a cursor using the Wii remote. A lot of the games introduce more complicate controls by throwing in a load of virtual buttons, so you can tell your character to move and jump and things. Personally, I find this very irritating!

So I made a game about it.

The objective of this game is to fight off an endless tide of zombies. You can only attack by playing an utterly unneccessary minigame on the bottom half of the game screen. Click on the roaming bugs to make the karateman punch; punch zombies to stay alive. What could be simpler?!

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Underline Adventures


This level is not at all what I intended to make!

To play, copy the contents of the .txt and hit Ctrl-V while Platformajigger is open. You can save your progress with Ctrl-C and load with Ctrl-V.

Controls are left and right to move, and up or shift to jump. If you press any other key, there's a 32% chance something weird will happen.

Made with Platformajigger, which is terrible!

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GT Saturday Specials: Knytt Stories
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