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Project A.S.I.S.


A challenging retro shootemup I made as a reward for a guy who won a high score contest for one of my other games. It's a space-age shootemup with six stages that each use different mechanics. I had a lot of fun coming up with the different stages and then doing vocal recordings for some parts of the game.

Press the ARROW KEYS to make menu selections. On the Stage Select screen, press CTRL/JOY BTN 2 to hear a description of the stage. Press SHIFT/JOY BTN 1 to confirm your selection and start the stage. You can attempt 6 stages before the game ends and records your score.

Strafe with the ARROW KEYS/JOYSTICK.
Change direction by tapping SHIFT/JOY BTN 1 when pushing a direction.
Use your Speed Booster by pressing CTRL/JOY BTN 2. There's limited energy, but when it's not being used it recharges.
(Game now has full controller support. To enable, press CTRL + Y, then check the box for Player 1 next to "Joystick" and press OK.)

Each stage is slightly different, but uses the same mechanics. Try for a high score. :)

I made all the graphics and sfx. The background tunes are currently slowed-down NES soundtracks (Silver Surfer and Zen: Intergalactic Ninja). Game was made with Clickteam Fusion in 2017. Game is now version 1.3.

Have fun! :D

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Meteor Shooter


METEOR SHOOTER, a tribute to Kitaru's CAVE SHOOTER for the No Pressure Appreciation Nicejam.

ARROW KEYS to move your ship.
SPACEBAR to activate your shield. Do not run out of energy while surrounded by meteors!
The game is over when you run out of ship energy (the green bar). You suffer damage when you impact meteors. The faster they're moving, the more damaging a hit will be.

You earn points for shooting meteors, and you earn even more points for smashing your shield into the meteors.
Event coding by let-off studios. SFX made in BFXR by let-off studios. Sprites originated with Clickteam. This is an HTML5 game, and so should be playable on nearly every computer.

Play the original Cave Shooter here:


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Suction Star


Loosely based on NS-Shaft.

A star is engulfing a stream of matter. Don't fall out of sight, and don't get swallowed.

Arrows to move.
You get more points the farther you are from the star.

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The Great Star Fusion


Loosely based on an idea in the fourth paragraph of this.

Arrows to move. Z, Space or Up to jump.
There is a secret ending.

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An event
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