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Frogger Football


Frogger Football also known as Frogger Revelations: Soccer Crisis in NTSC regions.

Frogger must use his hands to defend the radioactive van from destruction!!! The hope of Utopia depends on it.

The van is radioactive so Frogger cannot touch it.

WASD - Move left hand
Arrows - Move right hand

R - reset game

Music is the opening of Inu No Omawarisan 犬のおまわりさん

Made for Grid 3 Utopia + Animals with Hands + Vsan

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UUUUUHHHHHHH, I don't know why I made this. I just started coding and 3 hours later this popped out. I was going to call it Fronger but It's Octoberfest season, why not? I could add functionality and re-skin it, and whatnot, but I think I only have 3 hours of interest right now. If you want more features tho, lemme know!

It's made in P5JS. Here's the code if you're interested:

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Ok, well, not only is this later than late, this is my first Klik n Play game. I downloaded windows 3.1 and KNP and ran it for the first time. Took me a little less than 2hours to make this game. It's called SimBiker and it's basically Frogger. You're a badass biker trying to reach the other side of the highway, dodging cabs, race cars and cyclists. If you get to the other side, you get a point. If you get the whiskey barrel first, it's 2 points. No way to win because I forgot to end it. Except you lose if you get hit too many times.


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Carrocracia is a game about the motorized lifestyle that is destroying all the possibilities to have a healthy and peaceful life in the cities. You can come and go, if you have a car. If you don't have a car, you are not a human worthy for be respected. In this game I try to synthesize this feeling.

Use the arrow keys to play and Enter to skip title/select options.

Carrocracia é um jogo sobre o estilo de vida motorizado que vem destruindo todas as possiblidades de se ter uma vida saudável e pacífica nas zonas urbanas. Você tem o direito de ir e vir, se tiver um carro. Se não tiver um carro, você não é uma pessoa digna de respeito. No jogo eu tento sintetizar essa sensação.

Use as teclas direcionais para jogar e Enter para pular a tela-título/selecionar opções.

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Froggeracing is 2 players only. Race! Crush frogs! Chuck barrels! Forever!

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