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Don't say the f word


You are the letter U

don't say it!

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I'M NOT REALLY SURE WHAT I JUST MADE This was supposed to be an actual game but instead it just turned into this thing with rainbow orbs and a crazy kaleidoscope effect on the screen, and you can drag the orbs around or you can adjust the kaleidoscope effect with the sliders? IT'S REALLY COOL AND I'M NOT COMPLETELY CERTAIN HOW IT WORKS

Music by Liz Ryerson

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Gratuitous Profanity


Controls: Arrows + X

Scoring: 1 point per "fuck" heard

Voices: Evan Balster (@celluloseman)

Background: Had a weird idea in 2010 to take Mafia 2 on for the Guinness World record for most profanity in a videogame. Made a TIGSource devblog. Got some awesome art from PANPOMMA and some awesome recordings from Cellulose and AGJ. Then promptly lost interest before finishing a prototype in Flash. This is a new MMF2 prototype I hacked together tonight for Glorious Trainwrecks.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzebtB2WR-c (spoilers)

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murderous murderer


This is a four player game. One of the player is the murderer (they must kill half of the citizens), and the rest are cops (they must hunt down the murderer). Press a button to know if you're the murderer! Press another button to kill people!

Mostly made over a coffee high at 2 am. Some things are still a bit choppy (killing people is imprecise as fuck). Also my first game!

jose carlos
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