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I doubt my ability to produce 16 in 16hrs, but am glad to have experimented with flickgame.

This may be impenetrable if you are not already familiar with flickgame's pixel-hunt rules, namely: each color can be a link to a new image (but often there's only 1-3 clickable colors).

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Black Runner Spooky Halloween Jog


You are the Yellow Jogger's long forgotten rival/friend/sidekick, you were enjoying a nice night time jog when suddenly Halloween, what will you do?, eat candy?, get spooked?, continue with your jog ignoring everything?. The choice is yours i guess.

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Fox Dance (for 3fox)


During a full moon, when all other animals are asleep, the fox spirits leave the forest and gather on the beach where they dance to the strange music which drifts from somewhere across the sea.


This is a musical toy type thing, kinda like electroplankton. It's an elaboration on this (which I didn't make):
You can control different groups of foxes and move them around a musical grid. When you give up control they will keep performing the movements you had them do.
You can make weird dissonant noise or things that are somewhat soothing and nice. Just play around and have fun!

Also, every time you restart the program you will get different sounds.


12/30 update: Changed the fox sprite; slightly changed the way the program works; added mouse controls; you can move diagonally now; fixed some bugs

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You Miss the Stars


You are Yevgeniy.

You work for the state power board.

You miss the stars.

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Night of the Werefrankensteins: Act Zero


My very first KnP game, escape the deadly Werefrankensteins!

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