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BINKY Gaiden X1110: Gamer Theory


The Gaiden in the award winning series!

What is a gaiden? Is it a spinoff? Is it not "cannon"? What is "cannon" anyway, something pirate ships use?

Gamer Theory: Is BINKY jar jar binks from the famous Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. today we find out.


Screen 1
Mouse - Click on Binky

Screen 2
Arrows - Move


Jar Jar Binks owned by Star Wars
Youtube owned by Google
Hatsune Miku owned by Crypton Future Media, inc.
Domino's owned by Domino's Pizza, inc.
Cool Skeleton Xbox Windows XP skin by unknown
Liberation Sans


Gamer Voice by fotocopiadora
Good Weather from Gimmick composed by Masashi Kageyama and transcribed by Hinz
Fool's Idol from Dark Souls composed by Shunsuke Kida transcribed by Wyatt Croucher

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Prove You Watched This Entire Unpleasant YouTube Video Using Statistical Science


Have you ever wanted to prove that you've watched a YouTube video to a friend, but didn't have the scientific and/or statistical ability to do so? Now you do, as long as it's in this one very small set of videos! Click the orange button whenever it appears to continue watching the video. Failure to do so will result in FAILURE. Make it to the end to win an amazing prize beyond your mortal comprehension!

might not work in all browsers idk


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Lasertube Sneak Preview: Trapped In The Closet


Oh, shit.

So a while ago I had this idea to write a tool that would let you turn any YouTube video into a Dragon's Lair / Dungeon Escape-like FMV arcade game. Specifically, I really, really wanted to turn R. Kelly's immortal 90-minute-long hip-hopera "Trapped In The Closet" into an awful FMV game. I've been poking at the project, off and on, for like a year now.

Well, I've finally buckled down and finished something that other people can check out. CHECK IT OUT. The editing tool is not terribly far away from being publicly releasable; mostly just some web backend stuff that needs tightening up.

It occurred to me today that allowing Typing-of-the-Dead-like segments where you have to actually type "oh shit" would make things much, much more interesting. So I'll probably tackle that soon, too.

Jeremy Penner
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Billy the Kid 2010


A hurried remake of this.

edit: small bugfix in the first level.

more edit: I can't seem to pick KOTM 35 from the "Made For:" dropdown, but this game was most totally and/or certainly made for that event. SEEMS OK NOW

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