Small sokoban-style puzzler made for Bedtime Jam.

Try to make it to layer 0 to win!

Move with the arrow keys. Restart with the 'x' key.

I will try to add an undo function! Sorry!

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Super Associative Block Pushing to elevator muzak


Typing this at 3:00 AM right now. Will probably have to get back in the groove of my sleep schedule.

Hey btw this link is updateable so I'll try to smooth out the experience and the learning curve and learn what it is that makes me a master at puzzles at 3:00 AM. If you want, here's the github repository so you can fork it and make your own levels w/ an updateable link:

Feel free to tell me if the mechanics do or do not make any sense.

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Cat Sokoban


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SquarePush Garden


This is a semi-sequel to SquarePusher by anne laplantine. A few of the mechanics have been simplified or altered so as to more closely resemble similar ones in increpare's English Country Tune.

R - restart puzzle.
Arrows - move yourself.
Esc - exit.

In this game, all of the levels are in easily editable text files. The symbols are as follows:

# - walls. These determine the scale of the viewport when you play the level.
@ - you. You can have multiples of yourself.
> - exit. All of them must be covered by yourself to win.
, - white tile. Plant on all of them to win.
. - check tile.
+ - weed.
O - egg. All of these must be in a basket to win.
X - basket.

Feel free to play the levels in any order.

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Vector's Computer Room Sokoban


On his quest to Find the Computer Room, Vector finds himself trapped inside a warehouse of computers! He'll need to bump them out of his way in order to exit, but watch out for the explosive computers! You probably don't want anything to touch those. Then again, not like you have much control over where you're bouncing those computers anyway.

Uses a sprite by Cinos I guess.

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Block Pusher


push those blocks

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